the City of Gloucester

Gloucester Climate Action


Welcome to Gloucester Climate Action. Join your Gloucester neighbors as we do all we can to fight climate change and make a difference!

Green Your Home
Green Your Power Source
Travel Green
Reduce Waste
Green Your Yard
Eat Green
Prepare for Climate Impacts
Advocate & Volunteer

Taking climate action looks different for everyone. 

Depending on your age, if you own a home, your wants and needs, and your budget, some climate actions might be easy, while others might feel out of reach. This guide will help you to find actions that fit your life and connect you to resources that make it easier. 

💲 Help to Cover Costs   

While several actions in this guide are free, for those that require a financial investment programs are available to help cover costs. 

📃 Renter Friendly   

You don’t have to own a home to be a part of the climate solution. This guide highlights how renters can make an impact. 

🎒 Youth Friendly

Many young people want to be part of making a change for our climate and their are several impactful ways they can get involved.