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Gloucester Climate Action

Travel Green

✓  When you are ready to replace your vehicle, switch to an EV.  

$  Help to Cover Costs

Shop for EVs (new and pre-owned): 

Get help switching to an EV with the Green Drive program:  

Learn about electric vehicles (EVs):

Help covering vehicle costs:  

Help covering charger costs: 


✓  Ride public transit.  

$  Help to Cover Costs,   📃 Renter Friendly,   🎒 Youth Friendly

Plan your CATA trip by visiting 

Learn about special passes and fares for students, seniors and people with disabilities:  

You can also request a ride on CATA's OnDemand service. Find out more at 

Dial-a-Ride and ADA Service is also available in advance of your trip, find out more at 

Find MBTA schedules here: 

MBTA reduced fares: 

✓ If you have the option, choose to work from home.   

 FREE ,   📃 Renter Friendly,   🎒 Youth Friendly

Subscribe to a local co-working space:  

Work at the Library: 

Digital Devices to Go Program:  

✓ Walk or bike more often.   

 FREE ,   📃 Renter Friendly   🎒 Youth Friendly

Learn about bike safety:  

Check out the Massachusetts Trail network: 

Information about accessibility and age friendliness of outdoor spaces:  

✓ Car pool.   

 FREE ,   📃 Renter Friendly   🎒 Youth Friendly

Talk to your friends and co-workers about setting up a car pool.